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Program Features


Our PhD by Research program is designed to produce graduates who make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in their specific fields of study. Through intensive, independent research, our students develop innovative, theory-based, systematic, and practical solutions to address the significant concerns of various industries.


A PhD is awarded based on the outcomes of rigorous study, resulting in an original and substantial contribution to knowledge in your chosen subject. Your assessment will culminate in a thesis of 80,000 words, which will be evaluated for its suitability for publication. Unlike our postgraduate taught programs, there are no formal lectures or seminars in the PhD by Research program. Your work will be formally examined after the submission of your thesis.


Undertaking a research degree requires strong investigative abilities, exceptional writing skills, and critical analysis. Your thesis will serve as a substantial document that adds an original contribution to your field of research.


Our program aims to equip graduates with advanced systematic knowledge and skills, applicable in highly specialized or complex multidisciplinary professional work, research endeavors, and further study. By completing our program, you will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the theories and concepts necessary to advance learning and professional practice. Additionally, you will develop research skills that provide a critical perspective on real-world complex issues within your specific field of study.


Throughout your PhD journey, you will receive expert guidance from specialists in your area of specialization, further honing your research skills. The program allows you to earn your degree through submission, showcasing your expertise and scholarly achievements.

Entry Requirement

Hold a Merit (an average of 60% overall) in a Master's degree

provide evidence of substantial professional work experience in a related field

step-by-step guide

  1. Choose your research area.
  2. Write a research proposal.
  3. Start writing early in the project timeline.
  4. Consider the structure and format of your thesis.
  5. Seek feedback on your writing for improvement.
  6. Submit your completed thesis.

For your application, please prepare the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Personal statement/cover letter
  3. Research proposal
  4. Details of at least two referees (please inform them about your application and provide relevant information)
  5. Academic transcript

Join us at the American University of Business and Social Sciences to embark on a rewarding research journey that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your field. Apply by sending us the above documents at now to become a part of our esteemed academic community.

Affordable Tuition Fee

The total tuition fee


  • Maximum 20% discounted for the applicant from developing country.

Monthly Payment Option


25 monthly installments :
US$220 per month

Pay in Full Discount

10% / Discount

You will have extra 10% discount of Tuition Fee.