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Program Overview

American University of Business and Social Sciences’ Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration is a career-focused program which are provided for candidates who would like learn business skills or advance their career. 

Entry Requirement

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification.

Higher National Diploma/Associate Degree with a minimum of three years of relevant work experience may be considered.

Program Structure

Our Postgraduate Diploma curriculum is both career-oriented and customizable for various majors such as General, Management, Project Management and Human Resources Management, Sales and Marketing. You will need to complete totally 10 courses of below in order to acquire the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration:

Core Courses (4 Courses):

Crisis Management
Advanced Writing Skills
Business Leadership
Lean Process Improvement

Electives (Any 6 Courses From Below For Postgraduate Diploma Pathway):

Performance Management
Marketing and Sales
Marketing with Social Media
Coaching and Mentoring
Project Management I
Project Management II
Project Management III
Human Resources Training
Team Building
Employee Dispute Resolution

Maximum Study Duration

Minimum completion time of 8 months and up to maximum period of 12 months. US$100 will be charged for each 6-month extension.

Pathway to Executive MBA

Top-up Executive MBA Degree is available for Postgraduate graduates. Several additional online courses will be assigned by the Admission Office based on your Postgraduate Diploma Curriculum.


The Executive MBA will be awarded by The American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS). AUBSS is a distinguished institution fully accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE), recognized by renowned organizations and agencies worldwide. QAHE’s accreditation is acknowledged by entities such as the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC) in the Republic of Moldova, the Directorate for Research, Planning, and Funding Accreditation in North Macedonia, the All Pakistan Private Schools’ Federation (APPSF) in Pakistan, the Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning in India, the Independent Institute for Accreditation, Rating, and Certification (NIARS), the Agency of Quality and Rating Accreditation (AQRA), and the “Sapattuu Bilim” Agency for Accreditation of Educational Organizations and Programs in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Accreditation Council for Education “LAMDIK” (ACE) in Indonesia, the Technology and Human Association (TEKINDER) in Turkey, the Council on International Higher Education Supervision (CONIES) in Austria, the Public Foundation Independent Accreditation Agency “BILIM-STANDARD” in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Information Systems Security Association, Egypt Chapter (ISSA Egypt), the Independent Accreditation Agency “Elbaasy” in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Higher Education Council of Syria, the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (EdNet) in the Kyrgyz Republic, and the National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria. AUBSS’s commitment to QAHE accreditation ensures that students receive a high-quality education in business and social sciences, empowering them for success in their professional pursuits with globally recognized degrees.

Tuition Fee for Top-up Executive MBA: US$2,100 (Including delivery of the MBA graduation documents by registered airmail directly from the University).