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About John Yarnall:

John Yarnall is a highly accomplished surface engineering expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. He has established himself as a technical specialist, senior-level executive, and innovative consultant, working extensively in the electro/powder coating, PVD/CVD, and ceramic surface coating industries.


Professional Experience and Achievements:

Throughout his career, Mr. Yarnall has demonstrated a strong commitment to driving progress and innovation in surface engineering technologies. Some of his key accomplishments include:

  • Establishing and leading the start-up of a fully operational production center for a major European heat treatment and metal technology group, generating an annual turnover of £500,000 from just two production coating machines.
  • Increasing market share, development, and customer awareness of PVD tool/decorative/slurry coating technology for Bodycote in the UK and Europe, through extensive project management and marketing of specialized surface treatments.
  • Serving as New Business Development Manager for sales and marketing in the UK, with responsibility for developing Specialty Stainless Steel Processes (S3P) UK sales and marketing for Bodycote’s European operations.
  • Providing technical consultancy within Bodycote’s global Surface Engineering development teams for Specialty Stainless Steel Processes (S3P).


Professional Memberships and Registrations:

  • Chartered Engineer (ECUK Reg. No. 066445)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Materials (IOM: Fellow 184209)


Recognized as a subject matter expert, Mr. Yarnall has made significant contributions to the advancement of surface coating technologies, particularly in the aerospace, oil & gas, and biomedical sectors. His deep understanding of customer requirements and his commitment to collaborative partnerships have cemented his reputation as a respected leader in the field.


Based in the UK, Mr. Yarnall currently operates as an independent consultant, promoting a range of innovative surface treatment solutions to clients across Europe.