Maintaining the greatest levels of academic quality and integrity is our mission at the American University of Barbados School of Specialisation (AUBSS). Our arduous independent accreditation procedure, which guarantees that every program—from our Honorary Doctorate Degrees to our Online Accredited Top Up Degree —meets international standards, is proof of our dedication. This commitment improves the value of your degree and enriches your time here at the university.

An Overview of Accreditation

Higher education cannot function without accreditation. It functions as a third-party seal of approval that the programs offered by a university satisfy the necessary requirements for rigor and quality. Our pride at AUBSS is in our independent certification, which demonstrates our dedication to providing an excellent education that both satisfies and beyond global standards.

Bridging the Gap with an Online Accredited Top-Up Degree

The world of today moves quickly, hence education needs to be both adaptable and easily available. AUBSS provides an Online Accredited top-up degree intended to assist professionals who have already earned an associate’s degree or its equivalent in continuing their studies and earning a bachelor’s degree. This program provides the ideal fusion of quality and convenience for people who want to progress in their careers without the limitations of regular campus attendance.

The Top Up Degree program offers a variety of disciplines, so you can choose a route that best fits your professional goals regardless of where your interests are. Modern technology backs up the online delivery of the courses, which are taught by knowledgeable, subject-matter experts in the subjects. This guarantees that the standard of your education is not impacted even if you study from a distance.

Awarding Excellence with an Honorary Doctorate Degree

Our Honorary Doctorate Degree programme at AUBSS is another way we recognise people who have significantly advanced their professions or society. This honorific is an encouragement for ongoing leadership and excellence in addition to acknowledging previous accomplishments. By conferring these degrees, AUBSS cultivates a group of motivated and driven leaders who change the world.

The AUBSS Diference

Beyond only our certification and programme excellence, AUBSS stands out for its all-encompassing approach to education. We think education ought to be a life-changing event that develops ethical leadership, critical thinking, and creativity in addition to information. Our curriculum is made to push kids, initiate deep conversations, and get them ready for problems in the real world.

Students get unmatched support. AUBSS is available to advise, encourage, and inspire you from the time you register until you graduate. Among the many resources we provide are career counselling, seminars on personal development, and chances to network with business executives.

Surveying the Future

AUBSS is eager to keep growing our services and utilising technology to improve our educational offerings as we move to the future. Not only must we stay up to date with the changing face of education, but we also want to be academic community innovators.


One makes a big decision that will have a big effect on their professional path when they decide where to go to college. Accredited by respectable independent authorities, AUBSS offers programmes like the Honorary Doctorate Degree and the Online Accredited Top Up Degree that are intended to give students not only education but also a competitive advantage in the workforce.