We are pleased to announce that Dr. Maher Ali Rusho has been jointly awarded a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by the QAHE and the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS). This prestigious award recognizes Sir Rusho’s extraordinary achievements in the field of science and technology, and his pioneering work in distance learning in his home country of Bangladesh.

Despite being just 15 years old, Dr. Rusho has already accomplished an incredible amount in his academic pursuits, including winning numerous international competitions and olympiads, completing over 50 courses from leading universities worldwide, and obtaining an international graduate-level certificate through the Micromasters Program, as well as four diplomas not only in science but also in law. He firmly believes that every subject is interlinked with each other.

Most recently, Dr. Rusho completed a MicroMasters Graduate level Program on “Database Management System” from the University of Maryland, USA, making him one of the youngest students to achieve this feat. His success allowed him to gain admission to the University of Colorado Boulder’s Master’s program in Database Management System, known for providing performance-based Master’s degrees in various fields.

Dr. Rusho’s talent in research is exemplified by his paper titled “A Machine Learning Approach to Earthquake Detection,” which has been selected as the only finalist from Bangladesh in the Genius Olympiad research-based competition. For this achievement, he has been awarded USD 10,000 by the Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA, with the potential for an additional USD 12,000 if he chooses to participate in the final round.

Dr. Maher Ali Rusho’s passion for learning and his remarkable achievements at such a young age are an inspiration to young people everywhere. The American University of Business and Social Sciences is honored and proud to award him with a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), and we are confident that this recognition will inspire and motivate him to continue on the path of excellence. We eagerly anticipate the many remarkable accomplishments and breakthroughs that Dr. Rusho will undoubtedly achieve in the years to come.