The American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) is proud to announce the launch of its prestigious PhD by Research program. This innovative program aims to cultivate the next generation of scholars and researchers who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

The PhD by Research program at AUBSS is specifically designed for individuals seeking to make a significant impact in their chosen disciplines. With a focus on producing graduates who provide innovative, theory-based, systematic, and practical solutions to address the critical concerns of industries, this program empowers students to become leaders in their fields.

As a participant in the PhD by Research program, students undertake intensive and independent study, culminating in a thesis of 80,000 words that represents an original and substantial contribution to their field of research. Under the guidance of expert faculty members, students develop advanced systematic knowledge and skills that can be applied in complex multidisciplinary fields of work, research, and further study.

Unlike traditional postgraduate programs, the PhD by Research program at AUBSS offers flexibility in learning. There are no formal lectures or seminars, allowing students to pursue their research with autonomy. The program emphasizes critical analysis, investigative ability, and exceptional writing skills, ensuring that graduates are equipped to tackle real-world complexities.

AUBSS warmly invites passionate individuals from diverse academic backgrounds to apply for the PhD by Research program. Applicants should hold a Master’s degree with a Merit (an average of 60% overall) and demonstrate substantial professional work experience in a related field.

To facilitate the application process, AUBSS has implemented a step-by-step guide to assist prospective students. From selecting their research area to writing a compelling research proposal, applicants will receive comprehensive support throughout the application journey.

Furthermore, AUBSS recognizes the financial challenges that students may face and is dedicated to easing their burden. The university offers flexible payment options, including a pay-in-full discount of 10% or convenient installment plans.

Discover your potential as a researcher and make a lasting impact on your chosen field of study. Join the American University of Business and Social Sciences and embark on an exciting journey of intellectual discovery and scholarly achievement.

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About the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS):

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